drawing/ TOOLS

What do you use to draw?

I use a Wacom Intuos 5 Meduim sized tablet with Photoshop CS6

What brushes do you use?

I mainly use my own customised brushes, along with some from online. My entire brush set is available through my Patreon

Do you take requests/ suggestions


(I only take suggestions from my Patrons)

How long do one of your pieces take?

Usually 5 hours. If it has more than one character in it, it may take a couple hours longer.


Can I commission you for something?

Email me at 'saramoyo9@googlemail.com' with what you'd like. Depending on what you're after I may or may not be able to do it for you. This can be due to time, scale of project e.t.c

Usage of my work

Can I use your work for an icon/avatar?

Yes, as long as you credit me in your description/ bio! 

Can I use your work for a video?

Yes, as long as you credit me :)

Can I make edits of your work? (lighting effects, filters, text)

I'd prefer you didn't. If you really want to though I won't stop you, but you must credit me.

(Just keep in mind it's considered disrespectful to an artists work)

Can I trace your work with credit to you?

You can trace for practice at home. But you may not post anything you've traced from my work, even if you're going to credit me.

Can I use your art for references?

Yes. As long as you mention you used me as a reference.


Can I critique your work?

Yes. As long as you don't come across as pompous or arrogant I'm fine with it :)

There's a mistake in your work! Can I tell you?

Yes please do! (again be polite)

Why haven't you replied to my comment?

Please be patient. I limit my time on social media and focus more on my work as it can be a big distraction.

Why have you blocked me?

You must've said something inappropriate. I'm down for jokes but if you're going be a weirdo I'm not going to talk to you.



Why have you blocked me?


Where can I get your previous terms?

All previous terms are available through my Gumroad

What exactly do I get each month?

Exclusive access to work that is Patreon-only. Such as video processes, full 4K+ pixel files, raw Photoshop files, my brushes, all NSFW content with variations, step processes and my discord where you can talk to me!

I've signed up. Where are the rewards?

Thank you for supporting me! My rewards are sent out on the 7th of each month, with Patreon charging the 1st of each month. If you've signed up after the charge date it means I can't send you the rewards as you have not been charged. But there will always be a temporary discount on my Gumroad every new term for 1 week for those who've just missed it!

© 2017 by Sara Moyo 

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