Prices: PayPal please!


Sketch of character (Digital or Paper): 
£10 | $13.88 [+£10 for each extra character]

Digital 3/4 Busts:
£80 | $115.80 [+£60 for each extra character]

Detailed pencil Portrait: 
£70 | $91.08 [+£35 for each extra character]


Prices may vary depending on exactly what you request.

For example, if a character has heavy details within their design, it will likely take me longer to complete all of the assets to an acceptable standard - therefore the price will increase. 


I ask that I must receive either full payment or half before I start any commissions. I will need to receive the other half of the price before I send any finalised commissions. I will send a picture of the piece when half way through to make sure you are happy with it! Please note all commissions will be digital files. With sketches scanned into my computer. 

Pay to: - This is my PayPal icon, check so you know it's me!

If you are interested, please email me with a detailed description of what you would like at

Detailed digital Portrait: 
£70 | $91.08 [+£35 for each extra character]

Digital Bust of character:
£50 | $72.38 [+£40 for each extra character]

Digital FULL BODY:
£100 | $144.75 [+£90 for each extra character]


Flat colour: No extra price
Pattern/ rough imagery: No extra price
Detailed background: +£30 (price may vary depending on the length of time it requires)


© 2017 by Sara Moyo 

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