Sara Moyo

I am a 22 year old artist who studied BA Graphic Design at the Winchester School of Art, specialising in an Illustration degree as well as a module in Writing for the Creative Industries. I have resided in the UK my whole life and have grown up with a passion for creating.

Illustration for me has been a personal, creative drive for many years. I have been moved and inspired by many pieces of media that communicate the beauty and impact of art and design. Games especially are a prime example of what motivate me to create, and have encouraged me to work thoroughly on my own personal projects, including character and environmental conceptual designs for a universe I am planning to write.

I also enjoy crafting costumes and 3D props. Implementing sewing techniques, LED's, thermoplastics, EVA foam and more to recreate or bring my own designs for characters to life.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my work!

If you enjoy my work and want to support me, please consider checking out all the content I offer on my new Patreon page! I love dedicating a lot of time to the content I produce over there, so if you're interested in NSFW, my video processes, 4K files + PSD files of all my work, brushes and more, I think you'll love it!

Current Projects

The Dark Array series is a dystopian novel coming in 2020. The first book follows the lives of three characters in a post-apocalyptic universe.

I have been tasked with bringing these characters to life, as well as providing the author with the required visual aesthetics they are after. The project is ongoing with no final deadline, but rather seperate small ones set every few months.


© 2017 by Sara Moyo 

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